Jesse Jay's Design & Drafting Portfolio

Irrigation Design - Autocad & Eagle Point
Baptist Memorial Hospital, Desoto, MS
Stone Creek Shopping Centre, Germantown, TN
Southwind Lakes Apartments, Collierville, TN
Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary, Germantown, TN
Trezvant Manor Roof Gardens, Memphis, TN
NSA Park, Memphis, TN
Eagles Landing Aprtments, Collierville, TN
Rivertower Highrise Condos, Downtown Memphis, TN
Kroger, Atoka, TN
First Evangelical Church, Memphis, TN
Civil Design
Forest Blvd., Block 1, Lots 6-11, AutoCAD
El Jardin Heights Subdivision, AutoCAD
Palm Gardens Subdivision, Land Development Desktop 3
Major & Minor Contours 20' Intervals, AutoCAD
Major & Minor Contours 10' Intervals, Land Development Desktop 3
Plan and Profile, AutoCAD
Multiple Plan and Profiles, Land Development Desktop 3
Mechanical Design
Machined Bracket, Pro-Engineer
Casted Bracket, Pro-Engineer
Vice Assembly, Pro-Engineer
Petal Assembly, Pro-Engineer
U Support Bracket, AutoCAD
1" Hole Adapter, AutoCAD
Two Way Cable Port Connector, AutoCAD
Circuit Board Design - AutoCAD
13 Second Timer - Double Sided Circuit 2 Slide Connection
13 Second Timer - Drop Connect
Renderings - AutoDesk Viz4
Game Room Interior and Exterior House
Table Side View - Smoke and Fire
Space Age Designs