Ancestors of Jazmine Alyse JAY

Twelfth Generation

2048. John JAY was born in 1692 and died in 1742. John's wife is Unknown.[Parents]

2049. Unknown was born in 1695 and died in 1750.


2050. William VESTAL was born on 16 Sep 1692 in Birmingham Twp., Chester, Pennsylvania and died before Mar 1745 in Winchester, Frederick, Virginia. William married Elizabeth MERCER on 9 Sep 1716 in Westtown, Chester, Pennsylvania.[Parents]

2051. Elizabeth MERCER was born on 14 Aug 1692 in Northhampton Co., England and died after 1751 in Cane Creek, Orange Co., North Carolina. Elizabeth was previously married to Joseph WOODWARD on 9 Nov 1712 in Elkton, Cecil, Maryland.[Parents]


2052. Jesse PUGH was born on 16 Nov 1711. Jesse married Alice MALIN.[Parents]

2053. Alice MALIN.


2054. James WRIGHT married Mary BOWATER.

2055. Mary BOWATER.


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